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The Challenge

All-aluminum trailers have many benefits. They earn better gas mileage. They resist rust and corrosion. They’re strong. And, best of all, they’re lightweight—paving the way for heavier loads. However, because all-aluminum trailers can cost more than their steel counterparts up front, fleet owners expect them to drive greater savings in the long run.

The Solution

Great Dane’s American-made, all-aluminum Freedom XP flatbed trailer is the only trailer on the market with a 10-year standard warranty, combining lightweight performance with unprecedented peace of mind. Designed for strength and durability, the Freedom XP weighs in as one of the industry’s lightest all-aluminum flatbeds—and one of its most competitively priced.

A lightweight flatbed with heavyweight features


From its innovative floor design to its premium landing gear and wheel end system, the Freedom XP delivers powerful design features that set it apart. Fuel-efficient tires, an LED light system and a bolted rear impact guard help ensure the safe and efficient delivery of goods.


The Freedom XP is available as 48’ and 53’ with 102’ overall width. It weighs in at less than 9,000 lbs., saving nearly 1,200 lbs. compared to steel/aluminum trailers. Our flatbed rated for a 52,000-lb. load concentrated in four feet, with a 60,000-lb. load option available.


The Freedom XP can be upgraded with an array of options, from disc brakes to the Cowboy Appearance Package. Sliding removable chain hooks, a tool box, an integral winch track and a dunnage rack are just a few of the ways you can customize your Freedom XP to fit your needs.

Freedom XP—the industry’s only lightweight flatbed with a 10-year warranty.

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